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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Balls

The elbow is almost healed and I am looking forward to getting back to golf on Sunday, however I've just cricked my neck so I hope thats gone by the weekend especially as I've got new balls. I am still suffering a severe bout of ebayitis and have found this the cheapest source for golf balls, who cares if their slight seconds as long as they are the right make, they're going to end up in the lake anyway. That reminds me, I watched a very funny DVD called Happy Gilmore at the weekend, a must for all golfers and better than Caddyshack.

I am deperate to get the book finished, however I'm having trouble with a) finding the time to do it and b) working out how to make the final part of the plot work to all the people, places, dates and times fit together. once I have completed this I then only have to embelish the description of every person, place and building to give around 120,000 words, find a publisher who likes it and get it in the top 10 bestsellers and as I've only got 50,000 words so far it should be in the shops around 2008, however as you can see I have designed the cover so you will be able to recognise it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A good read

I am currently reading The World according to Clarkson By Jeremy himself. I can thoroughly recommend this to brighten up your day/evening/whenever, it is extremely funny and based on articles he wrote in his column in the Times from 2001-2003. Now people either love or hate JC, personally, being a petrolhead, I fall into the former catagory and would be happy tgo see JC alongside Boris Johnson as world leaders. However this book is not about cars but an observation on our behaviour throughout the world and therefore if you hate JC just preten you are reading a blog as this is the way it is presented, the funniest read I've had for a long time.

I hope to be able to post more often shortly as I will have more time. I'm currently getting very frustrated restoring the guitar I bought recently, it's just not going right and has taken me 4 weeks so far just to get the finish right on the headstock and I'm still not there. I go home ever night, sand the paint back to the primer and respray, leave over night and then go ape shit in the morning when there is an imperfection in the finish, I'm begining to think I might need professional help!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Am I A Racist?

I have just made a remarkable discovery. It is that I may be Racist

The definition of Racist is
[n] a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others
[adj] discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion
[adj] based on racial intolerance; "racist remarks"

It is no secret that terriost activities are carried out in the name of Islam, by Muslims for the will of Allah. when I read British Muslim Clerics blame the British public for the London Bombings and that we should expect further attrocities for our involvement in Iraq and Afgahnistan, and that muslim extremists and relgious fanatics beleive we should all die and this we have brought on ourselves for voting in Blair, then if I hate these people for these views then I am Racist. We often only think that Racism is about colour.
I beleive that anyone associated with these beleifs should be deported immediately and stripped of British Citizenship if they have it.But maybe our Government is to blame for letting them into the country in the first place. However this is only racism based on their religion, I hate all people whether Black or white, Muslim or Christian who rape, murder, steal people’s property, break into their homes, vandalise or steal cars, commit any sex offence especially against children or anyone who commits any anti social activity, but I hate them for what they do not what they are.They do not commit their crimes in the name of a religion like the Muslim bombers. Other terrorist have a cause, ETA, Basque Seperatist even the IRA all about partition but not in the name of religion.
I don’t hate Tiger Woods for winning The Open because he is Black or American, I just don’t like Tiger Woods, I would have been quite happy for V.J. Singh to win.
I'll leave you to decide, which if not all, definition applies to the comments above but based on this maybe the majority (ie. anyone who believes these terrorist should be punished for their beleifs) of the free western world must be Racist.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Congrats Fluey & Diggy

The wedding of the year (well locally) took place on Saturday amongst a beautiful setting along with glorious weather. It was a superb do and well done to all those who worked so hard to make it all happen. We wish you both good luck and thanks for a great day

Hard Luck Monty

Well Tiger wins the Open again but a wonderful 2nd for Monty and at one point I thought he was going to do it, maybe next time. Good to see Faldo back on form equaling 11th place and in the money.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Open

If anyone is interested in following the Open the all the upto date info can be found HERE

buggered again

I've now dislocated my elbow, this hurts like hell and when I tell Bin that it's the worse pain ever she tells me to try giving birth then decide. It's the same arm that I fractured in April and all I did was lift a guitar case whilst tidying my study, however I was sitting down at the time and trying to lift it by the carry handle straight armed, and it's heavy - silly really, the only bummer is my physio can't see me until tomorrow when she says that she will be able to 'manipulate' it back in, sounds painful to me but it's that or taking my chances waiting at A&E at Swindon hopital - I think I'll go with the pain option and see Miss Lilley tomorrow!
Anyhow this means golf will be off for a while, have to make do with watching the Open which starts tomorrow.
Shit It's difficult typing one handed.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Falling Woman

I do not want to comment on yesterday's attrocities, but if they're looking for suspects then I could suggest the French are bad losers. However my sympathy goes out to the families of those who have died or been injurered.
On a lighter note this is the most surreal website I have ever come across, especially as I was viewing it I was lisening to Tubular Bells at the time. Click on FALLING WOMAN and follow her down, if she gets stuck just click on her body and move her lerft, right, up or down. Works better if your listening to Floyd, Oldfield or taking a trip on acid - allegedly

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pelican Updated

Despite what many locals have said about the revamp of the Pelican. I dined there with 41 club last night and thought that the changes were very sympathetic and the decor excellent. The food was first class but that will change with the loss of the chef and management this week. So all we can do is wish Gary and Jill the best of luck at Stockcross.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Onward Floyd

The Live 8 concert may or may not have any impact at the G8 summit, I certainly hope it does, but it certainly has done something for Messrs Waters, Gilmour and Mason I just heard that sales of Pink Floyd's greatest hits have increased 1000% since Saturday - oh the power of Sir Bob!
Here's a couple of Floyd sites worth a vist FLOYDIAN SLIP and NEPTUNE PINK FLOYD where you can get a download of the Live 8 video.

Did I mention the Golf is going rather well and I've started work on the novel again, more later

Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

Well we actaully managed 11 continuous hours of this from the opening intro at 1.00pm until the fantastic Pinl Floyd set. I think Bob Geldof proved a point all though criticised for a line up of geriatrics they were no doubt the stars of the show ie:
I thought the best acts

Pink Floyd - unbeleivable!
The Who - excellent
Annie Lennox - Best female artist
Sting - great standards
U2 - predicatbly steady
Robbie Williams - True entertainer
Madonna - mediocre set
Elton John - pity about Pete Doherty (Bet we won't see him again for a while)
UB40 - Great
Paul McCartney - getting old

Newer acts I enjoyed

Scissor sisters - Fantaztic
Dido and Youssou N'Dour - outstanding
Joss Stone
Velevet revolver
Snow Patrol

Acts I didn't enjoy or didn't quite hit the mark for me

REM -Average, what was the eye make up all about?
The Killerz - crap
Mariah Carey - Boring
Cold Play - Boring
Sterophonics - disappointing

But undoubtably the highlight of the day was Pink Floyd with tracks Dark Side of the Moon, Money, Wish You were here and from the Wall Comfortably numb However I will leave this reveiew to Grocer Jack who will no doubt give it the justice it deserves.(when he's stopped pratting about on the best golf courses in te UK -I'm only jealous)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Back to Normal

Ok it seems that I'm up and running again,not sure about the new template though, I think I prefered the old one.
Planned on playing golf last night but chickened out at the last moment as it started to rain and looked very thundery. A chap was killed by lightening on Tuesday at Newbury & Crookhan golf course just down the road from Deanwood on the 13th so I thought it prudent to give it a miss. The local newspaper carried the story and a photo of the spot where he was hit on the fairway, unfortunately the ground staff had sprayed a white circle around the spot where he was hit which made it look like a GUR area, I hope they remove this before the weekend medal.

We bought Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds CD (the original narrated by Richard Burton) last week, I'd forgotten how good this is although long, but has got me interested enough to go and see the new film. I have read good rviews of it but inevitably it has been Americanised with the action taking place in New Jersey instead of HG Wells's Victorian Surrey. Shame they haven't used Jeff Wayne's sound track though.

I'll be watching Live 8 on TV tomorrow so lets all review that on Monday and a warning to all locals - Dom will be working at the Plume from tonight until he starts college in September!