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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why Did I Bother

It's taken a coouple of days to bring myself to post this as one can imagine.
The day was a success as far as my ability to travel as far and manage to see the day through.
The day was not a success as 40,000 Welsh travelled in from the West along the same road as us, basically one long traffic jam from the M$ to Twickenham.
The day was not a success as the 40,000 Welsh who caused the traffic jam delayed us by 2 hours thus subjecting us to one of the longest queues at the Guinness bar that I have ever known and allowing us to only down 2 pints before kick off.
The day was not a success as Englasnd played like a bunch of 6 year old - Girls!
The only highlight was that Jonny's first penalty kick between the post,the ball landed in my lap. However I still managed a knock on.