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Monday, June 25, 2007

Town Council

It seems that the TC are in their usual disarray with the departure of Roger Ballard, who it seems has had fairly unjust treatment over the last couple of years and now the unreported departure of newly co-opted 'Bouncing Buckle'. She lasted all of three weeks.

My biggest concern is how the town is being kept in the dark over all committee issues, especially as so much fuss was made a couple of years back over the disclosure of meetings and minutes to the public.
The TC website has not been updated since March and the latest minutes published by any committee was in February this year and according to published agendas there has not been any meeting of any sort for 4 months.

I suspect most of the committee's struggle to make a quorum According to the website our ward councillors are still Messrs's Mole and Gaines and the Mayor still her hollyness Gangily Gwyneth and don't try to contact some of the members as shown on the member list because they have resigned.

Come on Town Council get your act together

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where Did we go Wrong?

Dom has finally finished college and is now
home permanently for the first time in 11
years, I'm not sure I'm ready for this!
I'm also not sure about his fetish for rubber
wear, however I can see some possible uses.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finally an Update

I've been meaning to update this blog for some time but I haven't been arsed, but as I keep getting moaned at I guess I can write something.
Firstly The Knee, Those of you who know me well know that, amongst other problems, I have had trouble with my left knee since it got mashed in a motorbike crash when I was 17 which resulted in a Post Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in 1995 with a carbon fibre ligament. This had to be tightened in 2002 and I had no further problems. However the winter buggy ban was lifted in February so I was at last able to play golf again; however after only two games my knee started playing up and got worse until I could no longer put weight on it, so after waiting 12 weeks I eventually got to see my orthopaedic consultant who asked me what the hell I had been doing to mess it up in such a way.
I was tempted to say it was due to the constant athletic sex that B. demanded but I ended murmuring something about golf. He X-rayed it and pronounced it to be an ex knee, the knee is no more, C'est Mort you need a new one. No problem I thought, in fact quite a result as you normally have to be in God's waiting room before they hand these out.
However; the consultant went on to say, because of my Neuro condition I will need an extra strong one and showed me a picture, now he said, 'This may hurt a little when you wake up' Ouch
Now I have to wait on at the mercy of the NHS for upto 5 months for the op. On the bright side I didn't pay my membership renewal at the golf club which was due on 1st May as I don't expect to be playing again for the rest of the year.