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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farmer Mike

Well it seems that from todays report in our 'Local paper' for 'Local people' That Mr D. has become a 'Local' farmer and has had his application for a 3 bed 'agricultural workers' house turned down - it's amazing how one can become a farmer these days!

Exctract from our local column in this weeks Local Paper ..........

"Meanwhile work has commenced on the new Safari park located opposite the farm. Original planning consent was for a Marina for 100 berths with hotel, pub, restaurant, museum and craft shops, but this has now been shelved to make way for the 10 acre park now owned by former 'Really Wild Show' presenter Terry Nutkins who recently bought Freemans Marsh and built his futuristic home at Hopgrass (soon to be featured on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' - how to make a silk purse out of a cart barn).

The Park will be home to some of Britains really wildest, dangerous and rare creatures, sources have even suggested that there might be a pair of breeding rabbits and a particularly frocious hedgehog, whilst others have reported the prearation of a goldfish tank."

We hope to obtain more detailed plans from West Berks council and will publish shortly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Billy white wedding Idol

Dom nipped in to the haidressers to get 'highlights' done before going back to college at the weekend and the poor sod ended up looking like Billy Idol!. He was so gobsmacked and shocked at what they had done (basically a total peroxide bleach) that he just walked out without saying anything. He now has to endure the taunts that he will get whilst working at the Tavern plus the shit he's going to get from his girlfriend and at college.

An excellent Easter weekend with good friends along with good wine and weather, great to be able to sit outside, lawns cut, patio furniture teak oiled - global warming bring it on! unfortunately due to my cursed knee the only golf I enjoyed was the Masters on TV. Still it is my intention to get a round this weekend.

Talking of TV, I have to mention how much I have enjoyed 'Life on Mars' especially last nights final episode - which I think I understood - and I'm looking forward to the new series 'Ashes to Ashes'