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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well finally

A decent weekend and a chance to get the grass cut. Saturday very good though very wet on the ground which meant the lawn tractor churned things up a bit but at least Bin was able to get out with the strimmer!
I spent all day Sunday servicing the petrol hover mower but to no avail, it still wouldn't start, however that took most of the of the day. so I just had to go indoors, wash hand and open a bottle.
At least the farm was able to harvest the Rape so now we can see across the fields

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Doctor Foster
Went to Gloucester
In the pouring rain................
Found all the roads flooded
not wanting to get mudied
So he took the plane............
To Malaga!

Exciting finish

Well a not so very wet Open in the end, but probably the most excting end I've seen for years and the best part was that it was a European finish.
I was routing for Garcia but as soon as he started on the last day you could see he just lost his form ( which he never even got in the Scottish Open) so I was fully behing Broadhurst who was fast coming from behind along with Ernie Els but alas it wasn't going to be an English Claret Jug.
Congrats to Podraig Harrington who got the major he finally deserved.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The (Very wet) Open

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Scottish Open

I Always enjoy the Scottish Open more than the open and laste weeks event from Loch Lommond was exceptional especially the weather, and a course that I'd love to play.
Only 3 US players this year and Phil Mickleson taking charge, a shame to lose it in a play off and to an unranked Frenchman at that. Still some great play from Englishmen Poulter, Wesber and a fantastic finish fir Luke Donald.
I shall look forward to the Open on Thursday at Carnoustie and hope the demons of 1999 aren't still there
My money is on Ernie Els but I'd like to see Donald or Pulter win. Good luck to all.

Monday, July 09, 2007

TC Update

Not only are we not getting information from the Town Council website but it now seems that whatever is discussed at Council meetings is being kept close to their chest. I suspect one of the following is the case:

  • There is a news gagging order in place,
  • The NWN reporter is on holiday or no longer attends meetings
  • There is nothing worth reporting.

These assumptions are based on the fact that there was no report from the July 2nd meeting in this week's NWN, which incidently often finds more to report about Ramsbury and Aldbourne Parish councils and village activities printed on the Hungerford page than in Hungerford itself. Infact they warrant a page on their own, especially the Aldbourne Players and Ramsbury Bowls club.

If it wasn't for Ron Tarry's column we'd have no news at all!

Live Earth

Whilst I can't comment on the other concert venues but basically I thought the UK concert at Wembly was a load of crap, with the exception of the FooFighters and Red Hot Chillies.Maybe I'm a bit concerted out after Glastonbury, Concert for Diana, Live Earth and T in the Park, however I'm not a big Madona fan and I hardly think that staging seven concerts around the world is a good way to promote global warming awareness.
I know many people will have diferent views on this and I know that each of the venues tried to keep their Co2 emissions below 1500 tonnes, but that's 1500 tonnes more than if the concerts wern't held at all.The same message could be got across by showing Al Gore's film in every cinema in every country before every film.
If you want to help save the planet, just go paperless. Do not buy news papers with all the junk that comes with them especially at weekends and as for those free CD/DVD's 90% of them end up in the bin just think of the energy and material used to produce them and they're not bio degradable.
However I'm probably as guilty as most of the people who either watched or attended these concerts in that I was more interested in the music than the message and I was certainly disappointed with the music.