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Monday, January 05, 2009


Well as I mentioned, Santa brought both B and I the flu for Christmas which 10 days later we are still suffering the affects.
This meant that we spent the entire holiday period pretty much housebound apart from B having to attend to the horses daily as they had managed to injure themseleves in various ways.
This meant that a considerable amount of time was spent in front of the TV which we don't normally do, in fact we only normally watch on a Sunday evening and the late news on a daily basis.
Unfortunately the terestial TV schedule for the entire period was about as exciting as measles (apart from Dr Who) so alot of channel hoping occured until on boxing day I discovered DAVE.
Dave is a freeview digital station on channel 19 that shows continuous reruns of Top gear, QI and Have I got news for you and loads more.
Certainly the saviour of Christmas TV.


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