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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Still Struggling

Well I eventually received an appointment with Swindon Orthotics to have my knee assed for a fitted permanent brace. Appt date 10th October!
I had a post op temporary brace fitted in April affter it was decided by my consultant that my impant had failed and as they had cut me knee away, there is nothing further they can do except brace it. The temorary brace is now 2 months old and apart from being very uncomforatable it is falling apart.
My consulatant wrote to Orthotics stating that it was urgent that I was assessed and that I could not walk without the brace.
They have come back with a new date - 8th August!
Still not able to make the golf course, but practicing pitching and putting in the garden. Now over a year since I last played.


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