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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've finally finished the main guitar project. This is how it looked when i got it 6 months ago

And this is the finished item

Now for the next one, or should I work on the novel?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Move, or at least not North

An interesting item in yesterday's paper, North Humberside Police have down graded every crime report to no immediate action unless it's a homophobic or racialst attack. Normal crimes such as burglaries, theft, muggings, vandalism will take a low priority below homophobic,racial,elderly or disabled crime reports.

So if you live in Hull and need the police to respond quickly, tell them you are a 70 year old, wheelchair bound, black gay who's being attacked by a white person hurling verbal racist abuse at you and to hasten things up mention that you think he's got a gun!

The police will be there in 39 seconds (with an armed response squad)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


( you can almost hear the theme tune can't you) Had I been blogging over Christmas I would have mentioned the gift my son bought me which was 30 years of The Old Gery Whistle Test, a 4 DVD disc set. I recommend this for anyone of a certain age who remembers this show late on Friday nights on BBC2 during the '70's. It has over 100 band from 1970 to 2000 and cerntainly brought back some great memories for me. Available at Amazon

Planet Earth

Firstly I have to say what a disappointing 6 Nations tournament, especially the French winning - by default. I felt we were dealt a poor hand by the referee at Twickenham who was clearly biased, however Andy Robinson has some sorting out to do with the current squad, but first of all he needs sorting out. Enough said, more in 45 weeks time.

Planet Earth. This is a breathtakingly stunning production by the BBC. The last episode covering fresh water from it's origins to flowing into the world's oceans provided us with mindnumbing statistics and the most awsome photography. This reminds me of the National Geographic magazines of the '60's who's photography reproduction was beyond comparison but mostly covering animal behaviour and anthripology - it was the only journal an 8 year old in the '60's could see naked breasts albeit that of heavily bejeweled and tattooed women of juingle dwelling tibes.
Looking forward to this weeks episode on the world's deepest caves.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is there anybody out there?

Echoing the words of Pink Floyd, apparently there is, I have received a number of requests to start blogging again and after a recent visit to my very excellent dentist who pointed out that it had been 4 months since I last posted, I have decided that I might contribute more regularly.
One of the reasons I stopped posting was that I beleived only 4 people actually read any of it. I judged this by the lack of comments submitted to the posts and then there came the spate of spam comments who just left links to various enhancement pills websites. (I get enough of these in my email).
Another reason for stopping was that I started this blog with the intention of being controversial concerning local topics, however the topics ran out (it's now fairly quite around here politically - in fact it's just plain quiet around here) and unless you lived in Hungerford you wouldn't have a clue what I was on about.

I will try and update anyone who is interested but I don't intend to go into detail today, however for the record:

I am dissapointed with the 6 Nations Rugby especially the England performance who are currently being outdone by The cricket team (at least they have won 2 matches).

The cold weather has prevented me from playing much golf this winter, however I have been able to get out every other weekend.

I now have 8 guitars, 6 of which are fully restored and on display, 1 nearly finished and 1 still bare wood and my bank account has suffere severe trauma as a result. God I wish I had never discovered Ebay!

The new home is great and a superb place to hide away for some peace and quiet. (now that the shooting season has finished) Although lambing on the farm next door starts on Saturday and we are all expected to pitch in - could be interesting.

I haven't written a word of the book since last August, this has to be a world record for writers block, though I have promised myself that I will start writing again when I finish the last guitar, that is unless I see another on ebay that takes my fancy.

Right that's enough Mr Nice guy, I shall have to sniff out some controvesy for future postings, we are approaching the Town Council AGM so that should produce some mirth. If anyone wants any dirt dished out locally......then do it yourself!