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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Planet Earth

Firstly I have to say what a disappointing 6 Nations tournament, especially the French winning - by default. I felt we were dealt a poor hand by the referee at Twickenham who was clearly biased, however Andy Robinson has some sorting out to do with the current squad, but first of all he needs sorting out. Enough said, more in 45 weeks time.

Planet Earth. This is a breathtakingly stunning production by the BBC. The last episode covering fresh water from it's origins to flowing into the world's oceans provided us with mindnumbing statistics and the most awsome photography. This reminds me of the National Geographic magazines of the '60's who's photography reproduction was beyond comparison but mostly covering animal behaviour and anthripology - it was the only journal an 8 year old in the '60's could see naked breasts albeit that of heavily bejeweled and tattooed women of juingle dwelling tibes.
Looking forward to this weeks episode on the world's deepest caves.


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