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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not enough Blogging - apparently

There have been complaints from regular local readers of my blog that I do not post enough or regularly enough. Well if you guys replied or made comments on the post’s I would know you’re reading them and make more effort. Take yesterday for example, how many took the trouble to download SKYPE – free of charge by the way and takes about 45 seconds on broadband- and gave me a call? I’ll tell you – None, Nada, zilch, zero- that’s how many. I go to the trouble of finding these programmes, tests or little quizzes and nobody bothers to look, but when somebody comes up to me in the pub and says ‘you haven’t been blogging lately’ my usual answer is that I haven’t had the time lately, which is partially true.
I expected to be able to write commentary on daily humdrum life in between organising two major pervasive computing event for next month, putting together a budget for renewing my contract with the DTi next year, which is not guaranteed, finding a new house to move to because the cottage is too small and noisy, getting my son sorted for college, writing a novel, restoring guitars ( a Rickenbacker project started this week now I’ve finished the Gibson) finding time to play golf and I’m in deep shit as I forgot about a 41 club match I was due to play in last Tuesday!but it seems that this is not always possible, anyway I leave all the politcal rantings to grogce jack.
The visitors to the site shown by the site meter (roughly 12,500) mainly consist of people searching for pictures or reference to Carol Vorderman’s arse or David Beckham, both ae mentioned somewhere in this blog so it comes up with a hit,
( now I mentioned them again this will double) There are actually only about 8 people who read this blog and only three of them comment, Steve W. Grocer Jack and Den.( ok and RG but she’s colonial and doesn’t count).
I only ever intended to comment about thing that were happening in this country that mattered or annoyed me. The problem is I don’t get time to read the paper these days and when I do and get all hot under the collar about something His Tonyness has done, I have forgotten all about it by the time I get to work.
So I will promise to blog more if you promise to read it


At 5:30 pm, Anonymous ian said...

You leave finding you a house to me! and carry on with your blogging!


At 9:58 am, Blogger crox said...


At 10:01 am, Anonymous ian said...

No one said it had to be quick! lol

At 10:12 pm, Anonymous Andy Bell said...

At least you always remind me that you try to do even more things than Morag accuses me of! And I must take up golf again soon... Maybe the Welsh weekend will reawaken the enthusiasm...

At 12:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is appreciated - I check it most days over lunch in the office, and it normally reflects what I would have thought if I thought about it (if you know what I mean!) BTW - I dont like Skype too much at the moment. It takes out all the noise when you finish speaking and sounds realy weird.

At 12:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon was Steve W - sorry about that!

At 1:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's me feeling guilty for not looking you up and what do I find? One blog since I last looked. Keep going I enjoy reading the ramblings of a mad man! Rgds Den


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