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Friday, August 26, 2005

Computers? cant give them away

When we moved from Hopgrass we has to downgrade slightly, ie in that half our furniture is in storage as it doesn't fit in the cottage. This is largly due to the fact that Hopgrass had 15 foot high vauletd ceilings and the cottage only0 has 10 foot and my office was the size of the Olympic statdium and we had more starage space than Pickfords.
In the office we had three desks each with a desktop pc with 17"CRT monitors, However we bought those PC's about 6 years ago and I think the fastest processor we had was around 400 MHz compared with todays 2.2 GHz, so when we moved to the cottage which has an office the size of a postage stamp with enough room for a desk, filing cabinet and bookcase it meant they had to go, but go where? - upto the stables along with all of the other office equipment that where. However I needed to keep one PC at home (I use a state of the art laptop at work - well it was last month) so the most uptodate PC we had at home was my son's which hhad a massive 800MHz processor and 256mb RAM, so I nabbed that as he had just got a laptop for school.Now I have a new laptop at work I can use my old Inspiron at home thus create 60% more space on my desk.
Now I thought I'll sell the old desktop but looking at similar items on Ebay it turns out it's worth about £35.It would cost more than that to post it. So asking around locally it seems that no one wants such a dinosaur. The schools have up todate units, our friends children already have PC's that are 10X faster and will support the latest games, my parents already have a PC which they only use to watch the fishtank screensaver when Coronations Street or Emmerdale is not on the TV and I haven't got any more storage room.It also seems that everyone else has this problem
Unfortunately I have this built in disease thing which prevents me from throwing anything away which still works. I have a shoebox with 11 mobile phones and adapters in it 4 of them are analogue! and as for comuter cables I have a cable that connects anything to anything from a sewing machine to a spacehopper.
The problem is that charity shops or youth groups etc are not allowed to accept anything electrical without it first being tested and approved by an approved electrical testing body (cost around £35) incase it electrocutes someone and they sue the charity shop or whatever.
So where do all these old PC's go? What happens to all the equipment when a large corporate company replaces all of its outdated PC's, is there a massive PC crusher somewhere. We recently had to pay £75 for someone to come and take away a dead photocopier from work, so I'm afraid it's to the tip this weekend. Memo to self 're-format hard drive before dumping'
Can some one tell me what they do with their old elctronic junk?


At 12:28 pm, Blogger solicitorsue said...

Hi Martyn,
You should go downt to the dump at Newbury, Pinchington Lane. Norman and I went to get rid of a few old TVs and video recorders and one just chucks then in a skip (no charge). Norman was hoirrified to see computers screens and even big flat screen TVs being discarded already.

At 12:51 pm, Blogger Lorna said...

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