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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


We saw ‘War of the Worlds’ yesterday and I have to say I was a little disappointed, especially as this had been heralded as the best Spielberg movie yet and the ‘greatest action movie of all time’.
Well obviously the people who wrote those reviews either saw a different version of the film or were completely out of their heads on mind altering substances. Whilst the special effects were stunning as was to be expected, the story is basically about Tom Cruise’s characters relationship with his ex-wife and children whilst total world annihilation by Martian invaders happens to be occurring in the background. All this is made worse by Cruise’s nauseating daughter who does nothing but scream throughout the film and his teenage son who basically needs a good slapping.
The opening credits had a voice over reciting H.G.Wells’s first paragraph of the book by a guy who sounds like he’s on 4 packs of Marlboro a day mixed with helium, not a spot on Richard Burton’s version on Jeff Wayne’s musical version.
Basically this film strayed too far from the original story and quite honestly I enjoyed ‘Weekend at Bernies II’, shown at the weekend a whole lot more!


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