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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

buggered again

I've now dislocated my elbow, this hurts like hell and when I tell Bin that it's the worse pain ever she tells me to try giving birth then decide. It's the same arm that I fractured in April and all I did was lift a guitar case whilst tidying my study, however I was sitting down at the time and trying to lift it by the carry handle straight armed, and it's heavy - silly really, the only bummer is my physio can't see me until tomorrow when she says that she will be able to 'manipulate' it back in, sounds painful to me but it's that or taking my chances waiting at A&E at Swindon hopital - I think I'll go with the pain option and see Miss Lilley tomorrow!
Anyhow this means golf will be off for a while, have to make do with watching the Open which starts tomorrow.
Shit It's difficult typing one handed.


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