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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hols part 2

I managed to get through several books during my break. The first I picked up at the airport was the well documented,in these blogs, BELLE DE JOUR which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I recommend that you do not read this on the beach, for obvious reasons, unless you want to spend the entire time laying on you front. The book is pretty much a coy of the blog being a daily journal though padded out with more detail. Worth a read. The second book I read was excellent and is a must read if you like a Tom Clancy style story - PANDEMIC by James Barrington This will keep you guessing to the end and is a book you can not put down.
Don't bother with All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye as it is a load of crap, but I can recommend FATAL VOYAGE by Cathy Reichs as a cracking good read.

Another new pleasure I discovered whilst laying on our beach was that of Thai Massage (which is altogether different from a Swedish Massage). There are a number of oriental girls offering sunbathers a massage this year along with the sunglasses and watch sellers. I managed to resist for a few days, well until I'd finished Belle de Jour actually, when I succumbed to an upper body option for 10 euros. (it's ok Bin had one too)The experience is not unlike have your back massaged with a Black and Decker orbital sander, (not that I've ever tried this but I would imagine that it is similar) The girl could actually imitate a human vibrator,which is not altogether unpleasant, however when working on the lower back, ones shorts are pulled down from the waist downwards exposing 90% of ones buttocks to the entire population of the beach which is fine if you are all over tanned but alas I'm not - I was unable to determin the expression of the lady on the sun lounger next to me as she had extremly large and dark sun glasses but I got my own back when she had one. Incidentally you need to remain face down for sometime after - for the same reasons as mentioned earlier.


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