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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Rude Awakening

I had the most horrid start to the day. I was awoken by an indescribably terrifying sound which only slowly filtered through my sleep and in to my dreams. Very slowly I managed to work out what I was hearing and how I was hearing it. As to how I was hearing it that was simple, it was emanating from the bedroom TV which my wife had turned on when she got up to make tea. This is normal routine at 7.00am, however I remained asleep when she had returned and was sat up drinking her tea when the noise filtering through became vaguely recognisable as song that I not only knew but once liked. I tried hard to concentrate without opening my eyes or becoming fully conscious, this being difficult whilst one is in between dreamworld.
Then I identified the tune – it was Radio Head’s ‘Creep’- but not as we know it Jim. This was the most excruciating bastardisation of a song I had heard since G4 sang Bohemian Rhapsody.
‘Who the fucks that? I asked Bin without opening my eyes
‘G4’ she replied.

Time for a new background track I think.


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