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Monday, May 09, 2005

Back to Normal

Well Sunday saw my first round of golf since I fractured my arm - 5 weeks - and it seems that the 'break' has had no effect on my game, I'm still crap! but it was nice to get out and back in to the routine, now we have better and light evenings it means I can get a round in after work.

I'm now fully addicted to Ebay, I won the auction for the guitar and have bought loads of other stuff, only problem is that I haven't sold anything yet, not even one bid for my Duran Duran items, so I have reduced the prices to cover what I've spent out, still nothing, I warn you now DO NOT GO NEAR EBAY! Tis a wicked thing, a source to drain you, tempting you with follies one does not need but seemeth so cheap, until the last hour cometh and you up yor bid just on pound then you receive the email that tells you that you have been outbid and you need to bid again to secure this lot - you have to do it - there's now way that shallopodop174 is going to win this prized item that you no more require than a dose of Herpes, but on you go until you win. Listen to me children 'beware of that which is Ebay' - meanwhile I've got 5 bids outstanding, all cheap mind you - under £20 - but I might go futher, Ah ha ha ha!!!!

Good Dr Who on Saturday by the way, I think I'm falling in love with Rose Tyler. You know it's amazinf what a load of bollocks one can write whilst waiting for the latest version of Acrobat reader to download - finished now - bye!


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