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Monday, April 18, 2005

Er, How come?& farting aliens

Can anyone explain to me the phenomenem of the re releases of Elvis Singles. For the last eight weeks RCA have release a different Elvis oldie that has gone straight in to the chart at No.2 except this week where 'the wonder of you' debued at No.4. All the singles drop out of the top 40 in one week, the singles are not on the Radio 1 or 2 playlists and TOTP is not allowed to play Elvis videos, so how or rather who are buting the singles? RCA perhaps? but I can't see the point as, if the tracks are not being played they do not get the royalties, Can someone enlighten me?

Meanwhile that G4 is getting right up my nose, after their performance on Madonna Mania the whinny nasal noise that little blonde haired twat makes is nauseating.
A cracking good Doctor Who this week though, you'd never have had farting aliens 30 years ago, and even left you on a cliffhanger. Though the idea of the cabinet being taken over by aliens is a bit far fetched - no one would notice.


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