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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Well Hocktide was fun, although we didn’t attend the formal lunch this year, our friends were either busy or apathetic about the idea as we have been going for many years. However this seems to have been a trend as I understand numbers were considerably down. We had an alternative ‘Tutti Lunch' in the Plume and the joined all at the Three Swans which I have to say is vastly improved since ownership is back in private hands and reminded me of the old days. All seemed to be in good spirits as one 41 club member decided that his beer would look better on me than inside him and therefore deposited his entire contents over my lap. This meant that I had to sit where I was until it had dried incase people thouht it was of my own doing. I shall have another chance to experience the Swans hospitality tomorrow night as Round Table are holding their AGM there and as I’ve not been to a meeting since the last AGM I thought ought to put in an appearance. Unfortunately I took a fall yesterday, nothing unusual in that with my condition, only this time I really hurt myself and fractured a bone in my right arm, which happens to be my walking stick arm which means I can’t get around unaccompanied for a while so working from home today. Should be interesting when I need to go to the toilet tomorrow night. I suppose I’d better cancel my golf for the weekend and the following six weeks.

Yes Den you can hear music in the background, good girl you’re the first to notice it, or at least comment on it. If you have broadband it plays instantly otherwise it comes in after a minute on modem connections – mundane isn’t it? Rather like elevator musak, it was the only midi file I could find that was recognizable, but I’ll leave it on until it annoys the hell out of you all and you plead with me to remove it. Haha!


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