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Thursday, March 24, 2005

What does Easter mean to you?

I read in the Mail yesterday that a poll was taken from 15-25 year olds on what was the meaning of Easter. 53% of those questioned were unable to explain Good Friday or Easter Sunday and most of them thought it was "for getin easter eggs init"
However I wonder where the poll was taken, if it was Southall, Leicester or Birmingham the result is hardly suprising as celebrating Easter does not feature highly on the Muslim calender, nor I suspect does Religious instruction go down well at the inner city estate based schools with a majority proportion being muli cultural and multi relgion. What was more concerting was that 60% had never heard of Winston Churchill ("e's that dog of the telly ad inhe?")
Easter to me, appart from its religious relevence, means 2 extra days Golf, a get together with family and friends and avoiding chocolate at all costs and probably 'Exodus' on the TV on Sunday afternoon. (Bit like Christmas really)


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