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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ah Middle age

My Father was 85 on Sunday and he is as fit as he was 20 years ago and looks 10 years younger than he is. I mentioned this to my son who proclaimed 'Does that mean you're going to live as long' I hope so I replied, 'Shit' he said 'I was hoping to get you into a home when you are 60' you'd better start saving now then son.
I got to thinking that even if my Dad makes 90, at 47 I am passed middle age so surely now is the time to start behaving badly and do something rash, go out an buy a Harley Davidson, have an affair with a 22 year old Swedish Masseuse, have highlights put in my hair and wear leather trousers, get a tattoo or pierce my navel.
I mentioning this to Bin, she said that I should forget the Swedish masseuse as I probably couldn't even ride the Harley without a leg up!
And there I was thinking life begins at 50 ( although it's usually 49 year olds who try to convince one of this)


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