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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ron's view on filming

Going back to my gripe about the film crew in Hungerford, for those that did not read it here's Ron Tarry's posting from this weeks NWN.
RON TARRY ’S Hungerford
Filming a headache for the townspeople.

THERE are rumours that the ING Direct advertisement being filmed in Hungerford is costing £1,000,000, and in view of the equipment and the number of technicians and extras on duty, I would not be surprised at the figure. Unfortunately, the filming has caused inconvenience, while the towns people have also suffered owing to the loss of parking and difficulty in reaching the shops. The necessity for filming to
move the bus stop to a less convenient spot has also caused problems. The town bus service is largely used by older people, who have not enjoyed standing and waiting in the High Street in the bitterly cold weather, without the benefit of the shelter and seats which are available at the usual bus stop. And still it goes on, as on Sunday, after the filming should have been completed, the High Street was still grid-locked. Who gave permission without giving the townspeople a chance to express their views? I hope that some of the huge sum of money involved will go to those who have been inconvenienced.

Here Here Ron!


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