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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How to win friends etc.

Celine calls her audiences sleepy drunks

Celine Dion has admitted that audiences at her Las Vegas show are often tired, drunk, sick and in some cases asleep.Dion says her current stint as a regular performer in at the city's Caesar's Palace Colosseum means that for the first time in her career she's often not playing to fans.
The 36-year-old singer whose latest run of her A New Day shows at the Colosseum has just opened, told the Chicago Sun-Times, "When I started here, I told myself 'I'm not gonna expect anything. That only leaves you open to disappointment.
"It's how I've been all my life. As artists, we have to accept that this is a very different town (in which) to see a concert.
"People come here for four days, they eat too much, drink too many free drinks, they get sick from all that, they are jet-lagged sometimes so they just sit in the seat and sleep."As an entertainer, you have to be prepared for everything when it comes to the audience here. When you tour, people come there specifically that night to see you.
"They bought their tickets months and months ago. Here, they walk up to the box office an hour before the show. It's a very different kind of audience."

Sir Elton John also recently signed a contract to perform regular shows at the venue.

Lets face it you'd have to be drunk, stoned, mental, bored, asleep or just plain stupid to sit through a Celine Dione concert


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