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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Round Up

Well a pleasant Easter all round, Golf Friday, Golf Saturday, Sid’s Sunday and a severe hangover Monday, so missed golf and spent the afternoon in front of the TV.
Highlight No.1. of the weekend was a very sunny and warm 18 holes on Friday with Steve W and his partner Nikki made all the more memorable by Nikki splitting her trousers 4 holes from the end and having to finish without exposing herself – unfortunately she managed to maintain her modesty and won the match.

Highlight No.2 was the return of Doctor Who on the TV on Saturday night, absolutely brilliant and apparently generated an audience of 10 million and I suspect 9 million of those were over the age of 40. I clearly remember watching the first series in 1964 and can remember the first appearance of the Cybermen which frightened the life out of me. Was it more frightening because it was in black and white or because I was only 8 years old. Its funny but as soon as the title music started on Saturday, I still felt that same excitement/fear that I would get 40 years ago. – sad eh?

Highlight No.3 was an extremely large Easter Lunch that was complimented by a huge quantity of red wine provided courtesy of S&D and enjoyed in the company of aforementioned Steve W. & Nikki, I don’t seem to remember much more except D's chocalate cake. I certainly couldn’t make the 9.00am T time we had booked for the Monday morning.

And finally Highlight No.4 was an email from my son who tells me the he’s really enjoying his holiday and that Lagos is, err, – interesting, and hot. He has promised to send pictures which I will posts asap.


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