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Friday, April 01, 2005

It's a Mad World but.....

The unfortunate thing about this story is that if it were not April 1st most of this would be believable in this country.

Ananova: Britain's press play the fool

Britain's newspapers have played their annual April Fool's jokes on their readers with a string of hoax stories.
The Sun reckons gipsies have set up camp on the Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle using a 650-year-old law.The paper reckons the gipsies claim to be descended from the original builders of the castle who got permission to pitch tents there from King Edward lll.It's described as a 'disaster' for the Queen but gipsy leader Ralph Fitteris is quoted as saying: "We could do her a good deal on tarmac."

The Mirror reckons sheep with St George's Cross markings on their coats are being used to trim the pitch at the new Wembley.It says the natural fertiliser of their droppings has reduced the need for chemicals meaning less allergic reaction on players.The paper quotes a Wembley spokesman as saying: "It's based on methods going back centuries. We are not being taken for fools."

Meanwhile the Daily Mail has what it bills as a 'Royal picture exclusive' of Prince Charles and Prince Harry shopping for sexy undies.The pictures show Royal lookalikes examining bras and knickers at what is described as an exclusive lingerie shop near Windsor Castle. Prince Charles was said to have been torn between a white bodice and a racy scarlet one from the shop's "la premiere d'Avril" range.


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