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Monday, April 11, 2005

Queen Mania

Well Tiger does it again and wins his 4th Masters Green Jacket and his 9th Major, personally I didn’t think he would do it and thought Chris DiMarco had it in the bag by day 3, but there you go that’s golf for you.
I was looking forward to ‘Queen Mania’ a celebration of 30 years, on ITV Saturday night as a Queen fan however it should have been renamed ‘Freddie Mercury’ Mania, as the ‘celebs’ were interviewed for their memories of the last 30 years since Bohemian Rhapsody was released in 1975. However they seemed to forget that there were 3 other members of the band and most of the celebs were unable to name John Deacon, Roger Taylor or Brian May. But that was because most of the interviewees weren’t even born before 1975.
I was most disappointed with Toyah Wilcox and her rendition of ‘Don’t Stop me now’ which was the worse thing I’ve ever heard since a Pop Idol audition which was a shame as I’ve always fancied Toyah and DSMN was one of my favorite Queen Numbers but worse was to come in the form of that abomination known as G4 who have had the tenacity to record and release a 2 minute version of the 6 minute Bohemian Rhapsody – unbelievably bad!
The program continued on ITV2 with interviews of slightly more grown up but totally no musical celebs, however I think it was Mel C who stated that she was devastated when she discovered that Freddie was gay in 1889! Err Freddie Gay, never, - you’ll be telling me that Elton John is Gay next! Which rock was Mel C hiding under during the 80’s and Freddie’s height of campness?
Paul Ross declared Queen as the greatest Rock band in the world and there was never anything remotely good prior to BH in 1975. Has he never heard of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cream or Led Zepplin? Was he unaware that Queen had 2 top ten hits prior to BH in 1974 with Killer Queen and Sevens seas of Rhye?- Wanker mu8st have been hiding under the same rock as Mel C.
And for anyone who has ever wondered what Bohemian Rhapsody was all about (as non of the celebs did) It’s based on the story of Faust and you can search for the lyrics yourselves!


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