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Sunday, April 24, 2005

This would never happen at my club- worst luck

Golfers 'offered sex while playing a round'
I can't imagine what this would do to your handicap but I would certainly imagine it would hold up play during a competition...............

Two golf course owners have been charged with pimping after naked women allegedly enticed golfers into tents near putting greens.Police say the women offered lap dances and sex for money in the tents at the Hidden Valley Golf Club at Norco, California.
Prosecutors say the women performed various acts on the men inside tents and under canopies during private golf club functions.Two managers of the golf course have been charged with felony pimping and pandering.
Defence attorneys Steve Harmon and John Barnett said that no one actually saw their clients take part in the prostitution operation.But Deputy District Attorney Arthur Chang said the golf course managers had to know about the prostitution ring. "Of course they had to know what was going on on the course," he said.


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