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Friday, July 01, 2005

Back to Normal

Ok it seems that I'm up and running again,not sure about the new template though, I think I prefered the old one.
Planned on playing golf last night but chickened out at the last moment as it started to rain and looked very thundery. A chap was killed by lightening on Tuesday at Newbury & Crookhan golf course just down the road from Deanwood on the 13th so I thought it prudent to give it a miss. The local newspaper carried the story and a photo of the spot where he was hit on the fairway, unfortunately the ground staff had sprayed a white circle around the spot where he was hit which made it look like a GUR area, I hope they remove this before the weekend medal.

We bought Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds CD (the original narrated by Richard Burton) last week, I'd forgotten how good this is although long, but has got me interested enough to go and see the new film. I have read good rviews of it but inevitably it has been Americanised with the action taking place in New Jersey instead of HG Wells's Victorian Surrey. Shame they haven't used Jeff Wayne's sound track though.

I'll be watching Live 8 on TV tomorrow so lets all review that on Monday and a warning to all locals - Dom will be working at the Plume from tonight until he starts college in September!


At 12:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I played golf on Tuesday night at Blue Mountain in Bracknell - we had planned to play at Newbury & Crookham!Only managed 9, soaking wet.

At 1:43 pm, Blogger crox said...

You were lucky with just a soaking. Nice course Blue Mountain, played it last summer.


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