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Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

Well we actaully managed 11 continuous hours of this from the opening intro at 1.00pm until the fantastic Pinl Floyd set. I think Bob Geldof proved a point all though criticised for a line up of geriatrics they were no doubt the stars of the show ie:
I thought the best acts

Pink Floyd - unbeleivable!
The Who - excellent
Annie Lennox - Best female artist
Sting - great standards
U2 - predicatbly steady
Robbie Williams - True entertainer
Madonna - mediocre set
Elton John - pity about Pete Doherty (Bet we won't see him again for a while)
UB40 - Great
Paul McCartney - getting old

Newer acts I enjoyed

Scissor sisters - Fantaztic
Dido and Youssou N'Dour - outstanding
Joss Stone
Velevet revolver
Snow Patrol

Acts I didn't enjoy or didn't quite hit the mark for me

REM -Average, what was the eye make up all about?
The Killerz - crap
Mariah Carey - Boring
Cold Play - Boring
Sterophonics - disappointing

But undoubtably the highlight of the day was Pink Floyd with tracks Dark Side of the Moon, Money, Wish You were here and from the Wall Comfortably numb However I will leave this reveiew to Grocer Jack who will no doubt give it the justice it deserves.(when he's stopped pratting about on the best golf courses in te UK -I'm only jealous)


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