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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Balls

The elbow is almost healed and I am looking forward to getting back to golf on Sunday, however I've just cricked my neck so I hope thats gone by the weekend especially as I've got new balls. I am still suffering a severe bout of ebayitis and have found this the cheapest source for golf balls, who cares if their slight seconds as long as they are the right make, they're going to end up in the lake anyway. That reminds me, I watched a very funny DVD called Happy Gilmore at the weekend, a must for all golfers and better than Caddyshack.

I am deperate to get the book finished, however I'm having trouble with a) finding the time to do it and b) working out how to make the final part of the plot work to all the people, places, dates and times fit together. once I have completed this I then only have to embelish the description of every person, place and building to give around 120,000 words, find a publisher who likes it and get it in the top 10 bestsellers and as I've only got 50,000 words so far it should be in the shops around 2008, however as you can see I have designed the cover so you will be able to recognise it.


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