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Monday, August 15, 2005

Binge Drinking

The current round of articles in newspapers about binge drinking is doing my head in. Apparently with the new licensing laws, according to the press, is going to turn us into a nation of alcoholic Whirling Dervishes. What I don’t understand is what difference is an extension to the licensing hours going to make?
I, and I think the majority of the population, am unlikely to decide that 11.30pm is a good time to go out for a drink.. Most people go out to drink early on as we’re usually to knackered or pissed to make it past 11.00. If the younger element are going to get hammered out of their brains and dance naked in the street whilst knocking a coppers helmet off, I don’t believe the time of the evening has anything to do with it as most. Pubs and bars are open all afternoon anyway and it’s just as easy to get bladderd at 2.00 pm as 2.00am, at least you can find your way home in the light or get a taxi and have the evening to sleep it off – so why are the media getting so concerned about binge drinking being affected by extra hours. It was my understanding that the new licensing laws were being introduced to reduce last minute rapid consumption of the contents of a bottle of Jack Daniels, I believe that’s still possible at 6.00pm.

Enjoyed a good round of golf on Saturday, no problems with back or elbow, just incase anyone was interested.


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