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Monday, August 08, 2005

So much for All's Well

I was really looking forward to golf yesterday, I felt fit, my elbow was fine, teh weather was great as we Teed off, pared the 1st and 2nd then on the 3rd, with the bit between my teeth and my partners having drove the green I took an almighty swing, topped the ball, which went no furhet than his Tonyness's chance of re-election, and pulled a muscle in my back. This didn't not seem evident at the time but started to gradually stiffen up by the 7th and as I bent over to put out on the 9th my back screeched 'No more' and so I had to retire. Lets hope it's only a twinge.
Socially it was a great weekend with a dinner at the Palm to celebrate LM's birthday and a wonderful afternoon at Normans to celebrate his 60th, many thanks to both for most enjoyable sessions.


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