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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Well I haven't posted for a long time, still very busy work wise and spending much of my evening time putting up shelves and pictures, I've got a list of jobs as long as my arm. The only set back so far is the garage which I had hoped to use as a studio/workshop, however the garage has a metal cladding roof which condensates heavily resulting in everything getting damp from the constant dripping so all my equipment is having to stay in flight cases for the time being until we can get it insulated (expensive).
The shower problem was overcome but beware plumbers who charge £35.00 an hour (expensive)
Had a great golf day out on Friday at Donnington Grove, very cold, the course remained frozen throughout the day, but never mind we had hip flasks which probably explained why we started at 11.30am and had only reached the 12th hole by 3.45pm where we abandoned the game and retired to he bar.
Great to see Pink Floyd inducted in the UK hall of fame last week.


At 1:28 pm, Anonymous Steve W said...

I played golf at West Berks on Sunday with Maz, Rhian, and Nic. Greens so hard, the balls just bounced straight off! No hip flask, but hand warmers are pretty good.


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