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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We're In

Well after 18 months of searching we've finally moved in and everything went without a hitch except for the ongoing shower problem. The replcement finally arrived yesterday and was fitted on to find that the regulator reduced the flow input from 22mm to 15mm which simply means there is not enough pressure for the hot water, so as I'm writing this the plumber is fitting an electric pump, I am not looking forward to his bill.
And have you tried to hire a skip lately - £150! for a large dustbin, if it wasn't for the 12 sacks of bat shit and the tumble drier I'd put it in the back of the Disco and drive to the tip myself.
Anyway a thousand thanks to Nikki & Jo who blitzed the place with cleaners and paint and to Steve W, Nob, Sid and Nigel P for their help on saturday collecting various bits of furniture from all over Hungerford, I'm sorry the pinball was so heavy and had to be moved 3 times, and thanks for the many offers of help.


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