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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've got a brand new combine harvester...........

  Well not quite but I did get a bargain on a 2 year old Mountfield ride on mower on Ebay yesterday. Dom and I picked it up last night (thanks to Jim at Broadmead Estates)and I'm like a dog with 2 dicks. It's sad I know to get excited over a small tractor, but I've been trying to find a reasonably priced one ever since the demise of the Westfield Toro I had at Hopgrass. I just can't wait until the weekend to cut the grass, although I might give it a clean and polish tonight.

What do you mean 'Get a life' Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its Raining, must be a Bank Holiday

Well as predicted it pissed down for most of the weekend. However did manage to get a round in on Saturday morning and, for the first time, my son Dominic joined us. He is a virgin golfer and this was his first round ever. Typically he hit a pitching wedge 180 yds and hit the 7th green par 3 off the tee where as we're all using 8 irons and he managed 2 pars, thats the last time we're inviting him, he can play with his own mates from now on, only joking.

Great afternoon at Steve W's (Thanks mate) it actually stayed dry long enough for 9 of us to eat outside. However I bet Steve regrets mentioning that he had a few bottles of Chateau Neuf du Pape tucked away some where and it would be a good idea to have a bottle with our cheese course. Bad Idea Steve, you now have no bottles left. Thanks though.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog rename?

I think I'll rename this blog ' If you'd rather be playing in the rain' as the last 4 rounds that I've played I have got drenched. It's now got to the stage where I am taking a second set of clothing to the club to have something dry to change into before going to the bar. It was getting expensive buying new shirts from the pro shop, besides there are only so many golf shirts one can own. Now hats! that's a different matter. The problem is one has a favorite hat and it's difficult to get away from that so it was no suprise that when I had changed into dry clothes last nght and joined the others in the bar, the barmaid pointed out that I had a blue band across my forehead - the dye from my cap - funny how none of my colleagues had pointed it out!

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Blog

This one's for the guys I think,(however the girls may enjoy it) however I'VE BEEN PROPOSITIONED although a new blog has me hooked and waiting for the next installment with anticipation, however I do wonder it's authenticity, but it makes good reading and is in the genre of Belle du Jour. I will add it to my blog list on the off chance that it will become one of the greats (unlike mine)

Friday, May 19, 2006


I am attempting to learn Spanish courtesy of the Daily Mail Free CD course (parts 1 and 2) in last weekend's copy.
The only problem is I only get to listen to the CD in the car when travelling to and from the office. The office is only 3 miles from home. The advance button on my CD player is broken, so I never get beyond lesson 1 - 'hello how are you'- 'hola cómo es usted' so I am now going to drive to Newbury and hopefully learn to reply 'I am well, how about you?'

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well many apologies to the residents of Ruyton X1 Towns who are not members of a football team but a very pretty village in Shropshire.
Visit Ruyton X1.

Boy finds snake in loo

Now I had to smile when I read this headline because I remember as a boy, sitting on the loo and looking between my legs, to see how long a Richard one could do, however this pales into insignificance.

A Shropshire boy was sitting on the loo when a two-and-a-half foot snake reared out of the toilet bowl. Daniel Peate, 11, slammed the lid and called for his dad as the reptile tried to escape, reports the Mirror.
Daniel said: "I had the fright of my life when it poked its head up. I jumped off, did my trousers up and called for my dad because I thought it might be poisonous.
"Now every time I need the loo I always look in first to make sure the snake hasn't come back."
Dad David, 41, said: "Daniel's a bit of a prankster so I didn't believe him at first."
The snake stayed more than 90 minutes and was photographed by the family but vanished back down the drain before the RSPCA arrived.
The family, from Ruyton-XI Towns, looked the creature up on the internet and identified it as a non-venomous corn snake from the southern US.
Experts think it escaped from a nearby owner or was abandoned and got there along the sewers.

Ok a starter for 10 - WTF is Ruyton-X1 Towns?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Mayor

Oh my God, our erstwhile council have in their infinite wisdom made Gwyneth Bullock Mayor. Words fail me, its worse than an episode of Lost. (which incidentaly was quite comprehensible last night.)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Oi,Mick I'v hurt me ed!

I'am pleased to hear theat Keith will not have to have surgery on his brain to remove a bloodclot. I think the whole anathesia thing would be just too much to work out. The Newspaper reported that Keith fell 15ft from the tree and was admitted to a local hospital where he was aked to fill in an admitance form, it took 10 minutes for him to supply his name, address and insurance details and then 2 hours to fill in the part under the heading of 'please list medications or susbstances regualrly used'.

Keith Richard - the most elgantly wasted man of rock, I look forward to the next 20 years.

Saw a trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribean film, looks great.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A cry for help or what?

This post. beleivable or not, was posted on my Guitar forum in the general enquiries section. I'm not sure it's for real as it is so extreme but then why write in and make this up: you decide, but this bloke's (UK resident) life must be hell............


I am a married man. I am very unhappy. Ours dont seem normal but my wife says 'this is how all men live'. So am asking the women on this site if this is true. We have been married for 35-years

She controls all the money, she can go out and buy whatever she wants, but I am permanently skint.

I have a reputation for being mean and tight fisted but I am too embarrassed to tell people at work she wont give me any pocket money.

A man at work got married and everyone chipped in £5. She refused to give me any money as she said she didnt know the bridegroom, now they are calling me mean and playing tricks on me for being horribly stingy.

She give me 1 meal a day mostly vegetables. She gives me two jam sandwiches for my lunch, I do heavy manual work and am often 'taken ill at work' the nurse says it is low blood sugar level due to lack of nutrician, She recently upgraded to three jam sandwiches, but she buys her food in the works restaraunt.

She always drives a nice car while I drive heaps of S***, bangers that are unroadworthy, I am terrified of getting stopped by the police.

She has very expensive clothes, all mine are seconds and end of lines

She buys her food from M&S but mine is all tesco economy and asda farmstores or out of date stuff. She uses the front door but I have to use the back.

After work she goes home and relaxes in front of the tv but I have to keep working. She says 'men work, that is what men do, all men are slaves to their wives, thats what marriage is, no man if free'

Her bedroom has all the latest gadgetry mine is just a bed, wardrobe and a lamp.

I earn and have always earned most of the money, she works 37-hours a week but I have to do two jobs where I have to work 66-hours a week.

In her holidays she relaxes and goes out with her friends but I have to spend all my holidays decorating and doing diy.

At work I have a reputation for being mean and tight fisted. But she just dont give me any money.

I earn three quarters of our income.

She gives me £15 a week for petrol and gets very angry abusing me if I cant stretch it out, but she spends £30 a week and her journey is about the same miles as my own. She accused me of stealing the petrol money

All her friends say I am an animal, cruel and she should divorce me, but I am the one who gets abused non-stop, she comes home very angry and shouts at me non-stop.

Our home is kept like a show home, I am not allowed to sit on a chair, I have to sit on the floor, but she sits on chairs. I am not allowed in the lounge. I am only allowed to drink alcohol at Christmas, then only a small glass of spirit which she waters down.

She can justify how she treats me. She says being middle class she should use the front door, working class use the back door. Ditto with the cars, she has to look nice at work whereas no one bothers about what I look like, she reckon her stomach can only cope with food from M & S where I can eat S***.

I found a field where a market holder dumps his rotten fruit and veg. It has proven to be my saviour. I can now eat all I need, but it is all rotten stuff where vermin have been.

Evreything I do, she criticises me, I have no confidence at all.

At Christmans she expects very expensive presents from me and gets very angry if she dont get them, but she only gives me £50 to spend on hre presents. She says I could spend £250 if I chose, but where am I supposed to get this money from?

My dad left me £166,000 but it has all disapeared. She kept saying the solicitors are still sorting it out but after not seeing any, 8-years later, rang and they said it was all sorted years ago. Now she is trying to say she told me at the time we had it and she has invested it but refuses to tell me where. The solicitor sent me a cheque but she paid it into our current account then transfered it to other accounts then onto other accounts and the trail leads to a dead end. All I have got is 14 closed bank acounts.

She says my earnings are 'the banks money and she is the banker', asking her for money is she says is nonsence, if I go into any bank and ask them for some of their money they will laugh at me, so why is she any different? But she just wont concede it is mostly my earnings.

I have been diagnosed as being sterile from birth so whose the father of our children?

I have asked for equality in marriage but she says she would rather divorce me, there is no way she is prepared to give me equality.

My hope is she will want me out of her life now that I have worked myself into the ground and may not be able to work for much longer. Should I leave her? Where do I live?

Is this really how all men live? Do the women on this site treat their men the same? I am so unhappy

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lost follow up


I haven't a clue!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Lost, returns tonight on channel 4, if they do not explain what is under the hatch I will go this space tomorrow.

Bank Holiday Ramblings

Well as usual the weather forecast was all up the creek, but at least it was nice for golf on Saturday morning, which meant I could play while Dom cut the grass, which he did wonderfully though rather expensively. He's saving up for Reading festival tickets on Ebay currently going for over £200 this year.
Did little else on the weekend except paper work and guitar work. I have finished all projects and am starting to get itchy without the ciggies so need a new project.

Glad to hear Mike Shearing is recovering well from his heart attack and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

I didn't partake in Hocktide this year, but I hear it was good as usual and congratulations to Robin Tubb on taking up the Constabbles position. Stuart in a role reversal should be interesting as Town crier.

I would like to comment on the Prescott affairs but I think everyone has had a say on the subject especially that their is hope for us all yet.