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Friday, July 28, 2006

Exhibitionist Joins The Eddington Massive

Chris M. has moved from Kintbury in to a property in the heart of Eddington, now which way will he go - The People's Republic of Eddington led by El Presidente Manuel Young, the leader of the 3 man ruling military junta or EFF (Eddington Freedom Fighters led by Che D'basatble.

This correspondent will be watching development closley.

And we think police are out catching criminals

Police ban widow's sign after 31 years

A widow was told by police to remove a notice on her fence which read: "Our dogs are fed on Jehovah's Witnesses."
The sign had hung on Jean Groves fence for thirty-one years without complaint.

Jean said even Jehovah's Witnesses treated it as a laugh and she put the sign back on the fence after the police left.
According to The Sun she said: "It's only a lark and it's staying there. I don't see what the fuss is about. Don't people have a sense of humour any more?"
Jean has a dog but it is a three-month-old Jack Russell named Rabbit.

Jean who lives in Bursledon, Hants, said: "My husband Gordon hung it up and it's been there ever since. No one has said anything in all that time. The police said it was 'distressing and offensive and inappropriate'."

Mrs Grove's son Richard, 53, said: "We never had a visit from Jehovah's Witnesses for years, so I suppose the sign did the job.

"There's no way we could take it down - it's living testament to dad's sense of humour. The only dogs we have ever had would have been more likely to lick people to death rather than eat them."

A Jehovah's Witness said: "If we see signs like that we just walk away."

Well that's just the point isn't it, proof that it works, - I've always wanted to put a sign on my gate proclaiming that 'Ramblers will be shot on sight! (especially ones wearing red cagooles)

Monday, July 24, 2006

My own round of golf this weekend, whilst not quite up to Open standards, was equally good for me, certainly the weather is playing a major part in this, I drove 2 greens which I would not normally reach in other conditions, the ball rolling much further; however, the weather affected in other ways, we were 2 holes from the end when the thunder and lightening rolled in and the course was closed.

On the up side we have a new Pro, a very fit young thing called Claire. I think I may take up some lessons!

An Odd Open

I have to say that the Open was the oddest I have ever seen. Firstly the weather was unusual in that it didn't rain, however this contricuted to the dryest lookinf links course that I've ever seen. This in turn led to some very unusual play. The most hole in one's in a major tournament, Eagle from 200 yard fairway shots and up and downs from the shear wall of a pot bunker.
All of these shots are pure luck, whilst a player aims to get a shot as close as possible to the pin, he doesen't expect it to go down, especially from a pot bunker one would be happy to get out in one shot and hopefully anywhere on the green. For some reason alot of these shots were going down.
Tiger again took control and there is no doubt that he is the best golfer in the world, however like Scumacher in F1 we all get bored of the best winning. I always back the underdog in the hope that Tiger will have an off day and someone new will win through.
I thought the crowd were a bit rowdy this year around the tees, whoopind and shouting 'In the hole' every time Tiger teed off, quite absurd really when it's a par 5 hole!
Any reason that all the Tee officials were Australian?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Good Read

I am currently reading a fascinating book 'Vulcan 607' which is a true story of a raid during the Falklands war.
I thought I remebered much about the buils up and the actual invasion by the Argies, but this book divulges much more than was generally known at the time.
If like me you were a fan of the Vulcan bomber ( next to Concorde, the most beautfull aircraft designed) you will love this book. Basically it is a gripping account of Operation Black Buck.
It tells how ingenuity, will power and sheer optimism got 30 year old aircraft that were days away from being retired to mount one of (if not the) longest distance bombing raids in the history of military avaition.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it is erudite, well written and, even though it is a history book, reads like one the best, fast paced, techno thrillers. Not only that but it is recommended by Jeremy Clarkson 'The best book in the whole world!' Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Open

The open starts tomorrow at Hoylake, at least we can expect uninterupted sun for a change. Anyway good luck to Nick Faldo who opens paired with Tiger Woods. Kick his balls Nick!

Bring it on

Well I for one am enjoying this heat, it's doing wonders for my golf; however, if I hear one more person say it's too hot or complain that they can't stand the heat, I'm going to swing for them. These are the same people who book 2 weeks each year on the Costa Brava, lay on the beach and fry.
Isreal and Lebanon are bombing the shit out of each other and what are the headlines in our newspapers? 'phew what a scorcher' 'Temp to hit record 102f degres' and 'record temp for July'. They forget the rest of the year when thousands of elderly die of the cold or people are regularly flooded through to much rain.
The radio and papers are telling us no stop of all the dangers of going out in the sun and how much water and sunscreen we should use and basically stay indoors.
The tarmac on the roads is melting and railway lines are buckling - funny this doesn't happen in Spain.
Now I'm going home to lay in the garden with a cold beer and read the paper which will no doubt tell me how dangerous this is.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

"Remember when you were young..... you shone like the sun...."

Syd Barrett, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd and one of the key figures of the 60s, died on Friday at the age of 60 from complications arising from diabetes although his death was only announced yesterday.
The guitarist was the band's first creative force and an influential songwriter, penning their early hits.
He joined Pink Floyd in 1965 but left three years later after one album. He went on to live as a recluse, with his mental deterioration blamed on drugs.
He will be sadly missed as his music has influenced many bands and musicians
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The Texas Hat band

This is a band of some of my Guitar Friends from Reranch. They have a new CD out A MILLION MILES FROM NASHVILLE Click on the title to visit their site and click on any song, the more hits they get the bigger they look.

Reranch guitar finishing is a forum I belong to who give free help and advice on guitar restoration. Without these guys I would not have had a clue how to finish guitars. Posting this link is a little way of saying thank you

For anyone interested you can visit the forum at The Guitar Refinishing and Restoration Forum Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back again

Well that was fun, computer problems, I could not access Outlook for some reason so tried to reinstall office and thats where it all went wrong, reinstalled an earliier upgrade version byt had remoned the original so tried a system restore which caused even more problems. Eventually had to reformat and reinstall everything from scratch - 2 weeks it's taken, although my laptop at home has been OK I haven't had time to post due to guitar projects.

Updates: Golf good, especially in this weather, able to get a couple of rounds a week.
Dom is home from France, tip - do not attempt to go to Stanstead on a Friday afternoon, 8 hour round trip!
Sorry to hear Mansil resigned from town council.I'm sure we have not heard the last of that.