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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bring it on

Well I for one am enjoying this heat, it's doing wonders for my golf; however, if I hear one more person say it's too hot or complain that they can't stand the heat, I'm going to swing for them. These are the same people who book 2 weeks each year on the Costa Brava, lay on the beach and fry.
Isreal and Lebanon are bombing the shit out of each other and what are the headlines in our newspapers? 'phew what a scorcher' 'Temp to hit record 102f degres' and 'record temp for July'. They forget the rest of the year when thousands of elderly die of the cold or people are regularly flooded through to much rain.
The radio and papers are telling us no stop of all the dangers of going out in the sun and how much water and sunscreen we should use and basically stay indoors.
The tarmac on the roads is melting and railway lines are buckling - funny this doesn't happen in Spain.
Now I'm going home to lay in the garden with a cold beer and read the paper which will no doubt tell me how dangerous this is.


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