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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Benefits

The Football World cup, bring it on! No I'm not a fan, I'll leave those comments to Grocer Jack, but I do approve of the benefits of an England match being played on a sunny Saturday, as follows:

The Golf club was deserted enabling a perfect amble around 18 holes in the sun.
There were only 2 people at the checkout at the Garden Centre, in fact there were only 2 people who were not staff in total.
I could park anywhere in the high street.
The supermarket had stocked up with enough BBQ charcoal to power Didcot power station, so unlike any other sunny Saturday I didn't have to visit every petrol station in the area.
There were no queues at the supermarket checkout.
The roads were deserted.
The High street was full of scantily clad, attractive Women who had left their husbands/boyfriends in front of the TV or in the pub dribbling beer down their England T shirts, except Steve W, who was sipping wine at home I hear.

So I eagerly await the next England weekend game!


At 12:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, a sting in the tail! Thanks for highlighting my poncey approach to watching football. Not as good as Rugby, by the way - but you already know that. Cheers, Steve


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