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Friday, June 02, 2006

Country Ways part II

The Fox is still with us and we now believe it to be a dog rather than vixen, difficult to tell at this age, Sid has suggested a name - Basil!, well it beats Foxy or Reney (bit eastern european for my taste).
Didn't mention yesterday that, prior to leaving for work, Bin went to check on Foxy (as he/she was then) she threw her handbag into car, along with car keys, obviously inadvertantley pressed remote button, then shut drivers door. I was just about to leave when she knocked on my window and disclosed the problem. 'So use your spare key' I said 'er, I think it's in my handbag, which is on the front seat' came the reply
So, in the time that it took for Bin to go indoors and phone work to say that she would be late I had gained entry into the car with a pair of Bar-B-que tongs, something to do with a mispent youth - no not one of car theft, but one of always locking oneself out of ones car.
So, back to this afternoon - pleasant lunch with the boys, home in study, feet up pushing some z's, Dom comes home conversation something like this:
Dom 'hi Dad, good day?'
Me 'yeah, not bad, got the workshop manual for the mower.
Dom 'Got a deer in the garage'
Me 'WTF! we're not a effing animal sancturary'
Dom 'No Dad, this ones dead'
Me ' what do mean dead? why is it in the garage? - along with Foxy (as he was then)'
Dom 'Um we ran into it, caused a lot of damage to the car (not Dom's) so I bought it home'
Me 'Why?'
Dom 'To eat, it would be a shame to let it go to waste, besides it was blocking the road'
Me 'Right we'd better go and butcher it then'
Bin arrived home half an hour later and swore as she had just bought a leg of lamb for Sunday lunch.

For those who are interested Basil is as well as can be expected and feeding well, sharing offal with Winston and Lucy (Doms ferrets) and will be staying with us until he has recovered.


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