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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Sun Shone

The fist weekend with Guarranteed sun and I got to try out the new lawn tactor. Very good, infinitely better than my old one, only a lttle taller.
I discovered this as I drove slowly passed the garage and stopped alongside a broom lying on the ground. I leant out to pick it up on to find I couldn't quite reach without lifting my foot off the brake and the tractor shot forward. My head hit the concrete block pillar that divides the double garage doors followed closley by my shoulder which eventually pulled me off the machine which fortunatley cut out as I left the seat (safety cut out awitch)
I got away with cuts and bruises but I shan't be doing that again.

Basil is doing well and now able to satnd on all four legs, looks like hew also was severly bruised but nothing broken. He is extremely vicious and will bite anything that gets near him, We will keep him caged until the end of the week then release him, the only problem is where to do it, he'd probably be safest in the middle of London.

Beautiful morning yesterday on the golf course. Although with plasters and a bandage adorning various injured limbs, I still managed to play a medal match, but for the first time ever managed to lose 4 balls. I never take more than 4 out with me and had to borrow one off my partners. Needless to say he gave me the cheapest, crappiest ball he could find in his bag and try as hard as I did, I could not lose it. However a crappy score card resulted, never mind I've just ordered some brand new super dooper, extra long, extra soft, tour grade Maxfli's - well that what it said on the box - will let you know what they're like.


At 3:23 pm, Anonymous Grocer Jack said...

A weird rule of golf - you can't lose the crap balls, but pull out a spanking Pro V1 and it'll last about 2 shots. The rough on my course is deliberately allowed to grow high during summer to compensate for the immaturity of the course. Its really punishing for high handicappers like me and the average ball loss per round is about 6! Not a lot of fun I can tell you. We'd complain, but when some did last year they were rather sniffily told "hit it straight then and it won't be a problem!"

At 3:37 pm, Blogger crox said...

You’re dead right about the balls. I never use a new or good ball off the first Tee or over a lake – and I’m guaranteed to finish the round with the same ball, pull out a new Maxfli revolution and it’s 3 off the Tee and bye bye ball


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