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Monday, June 19, 2006

Nice weekend

Inspite of a golf free weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it (even if Monty didn't).
No golf due to having to take Dom to Stanstead Airport early Saturday morning for his trip to France for the summer, he's working on a vineyard/stud (I only bought him a one way ticket and told him to find his own way back). We had lunch at the Golf club on the way back and a thoroughly lazy afternoon in the garden. Then Celebrated Neil B's 50th at the Corn exchange in the evening, very good band and great food, congrats to Neil.
Sunday was Belinda's birthday so absolutely no chance of golf, instead we had lunch at the Three Swans.
I have to say this was one of the best lunches I have had for a long time. I had a Tuna steak that was almost the size of the plate and at least an inch thick cooked to perfection, served by the chef ,John, who waited whilst I cut and tasted it to hear if it was to my satisfaction. Belinda had the Roast Sirloin of beef which was basically a cow minus the head, legs and tail, equally delicious washed down with a couple of bottle of Sauvigion recommended by Carol and the hole course preceede by fresh Scotch smoked salmon, the meal being accompanied by a jazz trio playing in the background.
I cannot recommend this venue enough for a Sunday lunch, fantastic value and a great atmosphere, Belinda thoroughly enjoyed her birthday lunch and I my Fathers day, even though I didn't get a card from my son, the Tuna steak more than made up for it and on top of all this - fantastic weather!

If I hear one more person exclaim 'ooh it's too hot , I can't stand this heat' I'm going to swing for them, after month of cold and the wetest May on record, it's midsummers day this week and so far we've had about 7 days of full sunshine and people still complain. Funny how some of these people still go to a hot country for their holidays!


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