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Monday, July 24, 2006

An Odd Open

I have to say that the Open was the oddest I have ever seen. Firstly the weather was unusual in that it didn't rain, however this contricuted to the dryest lookinf links course that I've ever seen. This in turn led to some very unusual play. The most hole in one's in a major tournament, Eagle from 200 yard fairway shots and up and downs from the shear wall of a pot bunker.
All of these shots are pure luck, whilst a player aims to get a shot as close as possible to the pin, he doesen't expect it to go down, especially from a pot bunker one would be happy to get out in one shot and hopefully anywhere on the green. For some reason alot of these shots were going down.
Tiger again took control and there is no doubt that he is the best golfer in the world, however like Scumacher in F1 we all get bored of the best winning. I always back the underdog in the hope that Tiger will have an off day and someone new will win through.
I thought the crowd were a bit rowdy this year around the tees, whoopind and shouting 'In the hole' every time Tiger teed off, quite absurd really when it's a par 5 hole!
Any reason that all the Tee officials were Australian?


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