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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Good Read

I am currently reading a fascinating book 'Vulcan 607' which is a true story of a raid during the Falklands war.
I thought I remebered much about the buils up and the actual invasion by the Argies, but this book divulges much more than was generally known at the time.
If like me you were a fan of the Vulcan bomber ( next to Concorde, the most beautfull aircraft designed) you will love this book. Basically it is a gripping account of Operation Black Buck.
It tells how ingenuity, will power and sheer optimism got 30 year old aircraft that were days away from being retired to mount one of (if not the) longest distance bombing raids in the history of military avaition.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it is erudite, well written and, even though it is a history book, reads like one the best, fast paced, techno thrillers. Not only that but it is recommended by Jeremy Clarkson 'The best book in the whole world!' Posted by Picasa


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