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Monday, February 02, 2009

Same as Usual

One night of snow brings headlines 'Snow Brings Travel Chaos Across Britain'.
This phenomena only happens in Britain, the only country to experience snow falling out of the Sky - in the Worrrldd!
Despite 2 days of snow forecasts the whole country has to shut down due to the fact that nothing will work in the snow. Buses cannot run due to Health and Safety, Airports are closed because planes cannot take off or land, Motorways are closed because they haven't been gritted, and trains cant run because the people who operate them are swivel eyed tossers and any excuse not to get out of bed is good enough for them.
Ever heard of SNOWPLOUGHS? Do you think that all Scandinavian Countries close down for six month of the year because of some white stuff?
We've got 5cm here, my son works at a ski resort in the French Alps, he arrived there in October in a Ford transit camper van and hasn't seen it since, due to it being under 2M of snow, (see picture in post 6 down) yet the French (curses under breath) manage to keep the roads entirely free of the icy stuff.

And here's another thing, the government warns us not to venture outside unless our journey is essential- so what does that mean? The entire country can take the day off work? what is essential anyway? if you've got a heart bypass operation booked for this morning forget it, your surgeon can't get the bus to the hospital and ambulances are confined to their garages due to health and safety.

And tomorrow it will be all gone and everyone will be asking the same question, the same one we ask every year - why does the country come to a halt every time it snows? I'm sure the answer has something to do with the same reason that this country is in deep shit.


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