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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finally an Update

I've been meaning to update this blog for some time but I haven't been arsed, but as I keep getting moaned at I guess I can write something.
Firstly The Knee, Those of you who know me well know that, amongst other problems, I have had trouble with my left knee since it got mashed in a motorbike crash when I was 17 which resulted in a Post Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in 1995 with a carbon fibre ligament. This had to be tightened in 2002 and I had no further problems. However the winter buggy ban was lifted in February so I was at last able to play golf again; however after only two games my knee started playing up and got worse until I could no longer put weight on it, so after waiting 12 weeks I eventually got to see my orthopaedic consultant who asked me what the hell I had been doing to mess it up in such a way.
I was tempted to say it was due to the constant athletic sex that B. demanded but I ended murmuring something about golf. He X-rayed it and pronounced it to be an ex knee, the knee is no more, C'est Mort you need a new one. No problem I thought, in fact quite a result as you normally have to be in God's waiting room before they hand these out.
However; the consultant went on to say, because of my Neuro condition I will need an extra strong one and showed me a picture, now he said, 'This may hurt a little when you wake up' Ouch
Now I have to wait on at the mercy of the NHS for upto 5 months for the op. On the bright side I didn't pay my membership renewal at the golf club which was due on 1st May as I don't expect to be playing again for the rest of the year.


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