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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is this a lost tape of the Hendix version of the Welsh National Anthem 1970?

With just a week to go before the Wales v England match in Cardiff I thought this little diity might raise a smile

LISTEN HERE - read below first

LONDON (AFP) - Jimi Hendrix fans were arguing over whether he followed his famous rendition of the "The Star-Spangled Banner" with a stab at the Welsh national anthem after a mysterious old demo tape emerged.
Producer Dave Chapman stumbled across a squalling electric guitar version of "Land Of My Fathers" on the end of a tape from 1970, which he found at his recording studio in Crouch Hill, north London. The recording was hidden at the end of a session by a long-forgotten band called the New Flames, whose bass player, Vivian Williams, was good friends with Hendrix.
It recalls the distorted sound of Hendrix's 1969 performance of the United States national anthem at the Woodstock festival.
And it is thought almost certain that Hendrix was in London on September 10, when the New Flames recorded their tape.
This was just over a week before he died at the age of 27.
Chapman found out before his death in 2005 that Williams had brought Hendrix to a pub next door to the Crouch Hill studio days before the guitarist died. The party drank into the small hours thanks to an after-hours lock-in laid on by the landlord.

Could Hendrix have recorded the Welsh anthem that night? No-one knows, and fans debating the issue on the internet are split.
The tape is now owned by former record producer Martin Davies, who inherited it from Chapman on his death. He is attempting to track down Vivian Williams, who originally came from the town of Crickhowell, south Wales, and is now thought to be aged 64, in a bid to clear up the mystery



At 1:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you saw the match on Saturday - Welsh deserved to win, no doubt about that. But was I the only one who thought the ref was crap? He wasn't biased - just useless!


At 11:09 am, Blogger crox said...

I don't know about the ref, I think it was more a case of England not turning up for the game


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