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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a thought - Snow at Xmas?

I was just giong through this years Christmas cards and I was suprised at how many cards no longer depict the Nativity or in fact anything to do with the traditional Christian scene. However there are loads of Father Christmas, camels, donkeys, reindeer and horses.

The main thing that struck me was the depicition of just about every snow covered feature one could get on a card. Now when was the last time it snowed at Christmas, certainly I can't remember and unless you live in the farther most parts of the northern hemisphere you are unlikely to, apparently it didn't even snow in Lapland for Christmas this year.

In this age of global warming and the unlikelyhood of it ever snowing at Christmas again, how many more years are we going to have snow covered cards, seeing as how we seemed to have done away with the more traditional Christian scenes? Posted by Picasa


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