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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter, what's it all about then

This week is Holy week, traditionally a time when Christians reflect upon the crucification of Christ and what his death and ressurection means to millions of Christians worlwide - except in Britain.
In Britain Easter means pissing off to Majorca for a week,or shivering in freezing conditions, stuffing oneself with exorbitantly overpriced chocolate eggs or chocolate anything, Easter bunnies - where the hell to they fit in? -Easter greeting cards, overpriced flowers etc.etc
In fact Easter has become just another excuse for retail therapy - as if we needed an excuse- and the retailers just cash in on it. You only have to visit your local B&Q tomorrow to see how the vast majority will be spending their Easter weekend.
Ask the average 10 yera old what Easter is all about and I'll bet you a Cadburys cream egg that they can't tell you. Maybe it's because 50% of Britains population is non-Christian and 25% couldn't care or are even unaware of why they have 2 days holiday and the banks are closed.
Me? I'll be toasting Jesus with a large glass of Pinot and maybe a Guinness on Sunday - I don't like chocolate abd the weather is too cold to spend in the garden.
Shit! was that christmas decorations I just saw in the garden centre?


At 11:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Bah humbug! The papers proclaim it the new Christmas. Every year I struggle to buy an Easter card for my God Daughter which has a religious theme. The magazines are full of suggestions for Easter presents! Lambs/bunnies/Easter eggs etc signify spring there is a link though tenuous...and the Easter eggs are getting bigger and more expensive. I guess the chocolate fest is for those who have given up sweets for Lent (we were made to do this as School) by yesterday I was sick to death of the sight of chocolate. Den


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