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Monday, April 03, 2006

Great new diet


Well Bin and I have just discovered a sure way to loose a stone in 4 days. It's called The Involantry Detox diet and can be accomplished quiet easily - just contract Gastric Flu.
Yes my wife and I spent most of last week discovering that the human body was not designed for self evacuation from more than one orifice at the same time. This presents a whole new dimmension on which way you approach the loo. If you choose this drastic method of weight loss we can only recommend the addition of a bucket to your bathroom.
By Saturday Morning I thought I had recovered sufficiently to play golf, wrong! when driving off the tee remembering to "follow through with your swing" brings a completely different result.

We are now both well and for the record its now day 12 since I last had a cigarette. I not grally grouchy but I can now sympathise with PMT.


At 2:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No comment on the flu - but well done on the fags! Steve

At 8:15 pm, Blogger crox said...

i've never felt worst in my life, I never had a cough - I now do, I feel lethargic and would kill for a fag but would hate myself after two drags. I CAN'T DRINK ALCOHOL! fags & booze always went hand in hand, but now one without the other? I just feel sick - perhaps it's the after effects of the shit flu.


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