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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kintbury Cross Roads - Go Slow

After years of accidents, many of them fatal, West Berks council finally agreed to do something about this dangerous crossroads. Campaigners where hoping for a roundabout but the council declared that this would be too expensive and that traffic calming measures would have to suffice.
So I was delighted to see a sign erected 3 weeks ago stating that work would comence w/c 20th March. However 2 weeks later they have managed to erect a sign annoncing 'New road layout ahead' and what looks to be a bus stop laybye. I travel along this stretch quite often and have yet to see a workman or piece of machinary.
No further work has taken place since and the cynical side of me thinks that it will stay like this for sometime until another accident reminds WBC to finish the job.


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