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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter was...

Interesting especially in the light of my last posting as to the maeaning of Easter I think I managed to acheive all that I was moaning about.
Good Friday - spent most of the day clearing out the Barn and had a major bonfire, I supose something spititual could be read into that.
Saturday - Should have been traditional golf but overslept and missed tee off time so dumped rubbish that we couldn't burn and then set about stripping the patio furniture prior to teak oil application. This involved some retail therapy at the garden centre to get teak oil - amongst other bits and bobs. Spent afternoon sanding down furniture. Dom cut the lawns.
Easter Sunday - Curses the supermarket is closed, had to use the Co-op, no news papers, what is the world coming to? something more traditional for the rest of the day, friends around for a full roast however it was only when one of our guest produced an Esater egg for Dom that we remembered or rather forgot the Easter egg bit, we hadn't bought anyone anything. Although Dom is 18 he is still partial to chocolate, however he didn't like to mention the fact that we hadn't bought him anything. The rest of the day turned into a blur or red wine.
Monday - Traditional gardening with headache
So a traditional Easter all round

Have to mention Thursday's RT AGM at the Bear - very good, great turnout and suprisingly good food and wine. Good luck to Dean in the chair.


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